I was disappointed by the previous printing session a bit. Decided to go back to previous frame (“kiss”) and try multigrade printing to see if that would help fixing the overall balance.

Below you can see the “original” (from session 6) and the reprinted one. Yes, no difference. Maybe a tiny difference but nothing dramatic.

I’ve noticed that everything looks different in the darkroom. Even if I try to look the prints in brightest light. During this session I thought I really got grasp of the multigrade printing. Looking all prints, dry, next morning, I notice (again) that I was so wrong.

The photo itself is a bit difficult one in general, lot’s of dynamics and maybe a bit underexposed frame.

Also worked on a new print which was much easier to print. The negative is exposed well and it has more even dynamic style. The lower right corner is a bit muddy – but otherwise much easier to print than the “kiss”.

I actually made few full size prints blindly since I just wanted to get rid off these papers. Foma isn’t manufacturing this size anymore (8×10″= 20,3×25,4cm), I think and I have ordered Ilford paper to see if there’s difference between cheap and “expensive” paper.