Multi-grade print

First I printed the negative with multi-grade technique. I made test strip for grade 5 (high contast) and looked out where “black dots” start to appear. Then I made another test strip for grade 0 (low-contrast) filter, on base exposure of grade 5 filter.

Multigrade filter 5  for 5.3 stops, grade 0 filter for  0.5 stops

Single filter exposure (grade 3.5)

I was curious how single filter version would compare to multi-grade version. Could I make the print look same with only one filter?

After comparing the two prints it really looks the same as the multi-grade version.

Multigrade filter 3.5 for 4.9 stops.


Low contrast filter (grade 2)

I printed same negative with low contrast filter. It’s impossible to make blacks really black but not affecting to middle gray area. Click on the image to get it in full size, somehow scaled down versions don’t show details so well.

Multigrade filter 2 for 5.2 stops.