First day of the year and printing with my daughter.

Many new things: the photo was first print taken with my brand new -72 Mamiya RB67. I also used Ilford multigrade filters for the first time. Previously I have used print heads color filters. Filters got a self designed mount and filter holders.

Also this one was my first 6×7 negative print. I think it is not that common to have 6×7 possibility in the enlarger. It feels a bit fate that this enlarger had the 6×7 holder when I bought it. Like someone knew I will have 6×7 camera in the future, now it seems obvious.

Two prints. Both had same “base” recipe: 10 seconds with grade 2 and 6 seconds with grade 4. Aperture 4, head height 450mm.

Left print has also burn on the foreground plants 10 seconds with grade 2.

Paper: ILFORD Multigrade IV 25M – Semi-Matte (RC) – 18×24

Film: Kodak T-Max 400, developed in XTOL 1:1